The device fingerprint API

Identify devices across browsers and websites — without cookies.

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Device geolocation

IP geolocation

Retrieve up-to-date geolocation information about your users.

Device fingerprint

Device recognition

Precisely recognize user devices across browsers and websites.

Device information

Device information

Detect the browsers, OS and devices used by your visitors.

State-of-the-art device fingerprinting

State-of-the-art device fingerprinting

One of our main focus is accuracy. Our algorithm combine multiple approaches to ensure the most persistent results possible. We analyzes your data in real time to find the best match across all our network.

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No registration or API key required

No registration or credit card required

Start using our API without having to create an account. You don't need to provide a credit card number in order to use the service. Simply embed treaty.js in your website pages and you will be able to identify the devices on your site in minutes.

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A free simple API

Collect useful insights with our simple API

The treaty.io API is built around REST. We use HTTP response codes and JSON to answer all API calls. We support cross-origin and HTTPS requests to secure communication between our API and your web application.

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Simple pricing

Always know what you'll pay per month.

All prices are in USD

In order to keep things simple, all charges are in USD.

Debit and credit cards accepted

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

No hidden fees

We charge $0.50 of administration fees for each monthly invoice.

Monthly billing cycle

Your monthly usage will be charged every first of the month based on UTC time.

Sales tax

As a company operating in Canada, treaty.io is required to charge sales tax to all customers located in Canada.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from maxmind.com.